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Safeway on College Construction Update: Store Opening Delayed

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The opening of the new Safeway store has been delayed to mid-December due to multiple factors. Safeway, at the direction of the city of Oakland, was required to install new storm drains, water pipes, sewer pipes, fire hydrants, street lights, traffic lights, ADA ramps, and more. Safeway's construction schedule, dependent on EBMUD and PG&E to complete its portion of the improvements, was unfortunately pushed back to accommodate delays beyond its control.

'Fevered Pitch' for Safeway on College Construction

Friday, October 3, 2014

The construction of the new Safeway at College and Claremont has reached a fevered pitch.

October will be an intense month of completing street improvements such as sidewalks and storm drains; finishing the plaza and entrance; building out the interior of the retail spaces; paving the rooftop parking; and finishing the loading dock. The inside of the store will come together quickly: The freezer boxes are in place; the employee areas and bathrooms are nearly built out; the cement floor is poured and polished; and the lighting fixtures will be hung soon.

Report: College Avenue Safeway Construction; More Cement Pours

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Construction at the College Avenue Safeway building site is moving along on schedule, with lots of activity all around the site. In the next few weeks you'll see lots of cement trucks come through as the loading dock on Claremont gets underway, and the slab store floor gets poured. Cement trucks will be pouring the footings for the loading dock building at the top of the site off Claremont at the same time as numerous trucks will be accessing the front of the store from Claremont Avenue to pour the interior floor. Cement will also be poured for the elevator at this time.

May Construction Activities at College Avenue Safeway Site

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The precast columns and roof structure have arrived on-site and are being erected with the help of a large crane.

Once the roof is in place, parking deck preparation begins with waterproofing. At the same time, crews will be laying the underground utilities inside the store and construction will begin on the loading dock with concrete footings being poured and walls going up.

You'll also see joint trench utility work beginning in the streets around the store and retail shops' construction will commence.

What's the Latest at Safeway on College?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Construction of the new College Avenue Safeway store is well underway. Concrete trucks have poured the walls that will form the ramp from College Avenue to the parking deck on top of the store. Once the ramp is done, the crew will start pouring the walls on the Claremont side of the site, then move on to constructing and pouring the footings that will support the store's height. The weather has been cooperating nicely so far, allowing the concrete to set.
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