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Safeway Plans for redeveloping the Rockridge Shopping Center

Monday, January 3, 2011

Two years ago, Safeway proposed initial plans for rebuilding the Rockridge Shopping Center.  This fifteen acre strip mall at the corner of Broadway and Pleasant Valley Avenue is North Oakland's largest commercial center.  (The O/E Bay Bridge East shopping center at 40th Street and San Pablo Avenue is larger, but half of it is in Emeryville.)  Those plans were widely criticized for an unimaginative suburban design.

Rockridge Center Safeway Project Archive

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov. 6, 2010: Land Use Committee Discusses the Center

The Land Use Committee discussed design aspects of this very large project at its October meeting. The committee expressed concerns about the large amount of surface parking being proposed, the location of the Safeway at the rear of the center and far removed from transit stops, the ineffective use of the project’s frontage on the adjoining quarry pond, and the relative inactivity of the design’s Broadway and Pleasant Valley street frontage.

ULTRA alternatives for the Rockridge Shopping Center

Here are two alternatives proposed by Urbanists for a Livable Temescal Rockridge Area ("ULTRA") for redevelopment of the Rockridge Shopping Center.  ULTRA advocates higher-density transit-oriented residential development. 

Two RCPC-generated alternative proposals for redevelopment of the Rockridge Shopping Center

Here are two proposals prepared by RCPC members as alternatives to Safeway's plans for the Rockridge Shopping Center.  The first, prepared by Rockridge architect Glen Jarvis, keeps much of Safeway's proposal, but makes the shopping street an integral part of the design and opts to leave the Chase Bank in its current corner building rather than allow it a drive-through window.

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