College Ave. Safeway Design Review Hearing

Event Time: 
Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 4:00pm
Hearing Room 1, City Hall

On Wednesday, October 27th, at 4 PM, The College Avenue Safeway Shopping Center will have a hearing before the design review board of the Oakland Planning Commission. Those interested can submit written comments to Planner Pete Vollman before the meeting and/or speak at the hearing.  (Speakers are usually limited to two or three minutes apiece.)

Design review deals with the physical appearance of the project.  It does not deal with environmental impacts (other than visual, aesthetic, or shadowing impacts) and does not deal with consistency with the zoning or general plan.  Topics that are germane to design review include the size, shape, color, architectural design, and landscaping of a project, as well as the degree to which it does or does not fit into the surrounding area’s architectural style and visual appearance.

Some design element people may want to comment on include:  the surface parking area along Claremont Avenue, the building façade along Claremont Avenue, the tower on College near 63rd Street, the parking entrances off of College and off of Claremont, the isolation of the second floor “café seating” area at College and Claremont, the signage above the walkway between College and Claremont, and how the structure will appear to neighbors living behind the store on Alcatraz.

The City's staff report will be posted on the Friday prior to the hearing. Check back for an update.