Daily Bread Needs a Refrigerator in the Rockridge Area

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daily Bread needs a refrigerator.

A nonprofit organization of individual volunteers, members pick up food at markets, bakeries, and restaurants - and from occasional parties and social events - for delivery to shelters, churches and other community resources serving needy folks.

Food pickups are often made in the evening after business hours and cannot be delivered to the receiving shelter until the next day during the shelter's operating hours. A refrigerator that would preserve perishable food between pickup and delivery would prevent spoilage, thus conserving more of the donations.

If you have - or know of - an available refrigerator, Daily Bread would be grateful to have it available for our project.

Ideally, it should be accessible to the volunteer without disturbing the home occupants. As an alternative, the group seeks an accessible spot in Rockridge to place a donated refrigerator.

Contact Larry, 510/653-3721, or Joan, e-mail: joanmsautter@yahoo.com.

Thank you for any help you are able to give to our worthwhile project.

To learn more about the work of Daily Bread and volunteer opportunities such as pickup and delivery or other support, contact volunteer coordinator Patrice by phone at 510/526-3123 or e-mail patrice @pcsyes.com.