Land Use Update

Residential Off-street Parking Study, Citywide Rezoning, Phase 2
Thursday, September 12, 2013

In support of revisions to the city's off-street parking requirements for new construction as part of citywide rezoning, the city conducted a study of off-street parking for multifamily residential buildings. The study looked at the behavior of 294 Oakland households in 11 residential buildings in the Fruitvale, Jack London Square, and Telegraph Avenue areas. (The buildings include 815 units, but only about a third of the households responded.)

The study was designed to examine residents' existing use of off-street parking and evaluate their attitudes towards incentives to reduce private car ownership. The results would be part of deciding whether to reduce off-street parking requirements for new residential construction. A similar study is planned to evaluate commercial off-street parking requirements.

While suggestive, the study produced few clear-cut results. Not surprisingly, buildings without off-street parking (generally older buildings) had lower rates of car ownership. Two buildings located close to the Fruitvale BART station also had lower car ownership and higher transit use. The results also seemed to indicate that a small but significant proportion of residents might respond to incentives such as free transit passes or higher parking costs by giving up at least some of their private cars. RCPC plans to review and provide detailed comments on the study.

To read and comment on the study, find it on-line at:, or by calling planner Darin Ranelletti at 238-3663 or e-mailing Send comments to the same e-mail address or c/o Planning and Zoning Division, City of Oakland, 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 3315, Oakland 94612.