RCPC Board Candidates: 2013 Election

Friday, April 5, 2013

Andrew E. Charman, Lawton Avenue

I joined the RCPC board to help preserve and enhance Rockridge's unique character as an "urban oasis," a neighborhood deftly balancing residential and commercial uses, with well-preserved architecture and beautiful gardens, friendly to families, and amenable to pedestrians and cyclists.

I have served as vice-chair and chair of the board, liaison to the Friends and Neighbors of College Avenue (FANs), a neighborhood group concerned with Safeway's expansion plans, Fourth Bore Coalition representative, and chair of RCPC's Transportation Committee, which addresses issues concerning traffic, transit, and pedestrian and bicycle safety.

I hope to continue to serve in these capacities.

Michael R. Kan, Keith Avenue

My name is Michael R. Kan and I've had the great opportunity to serve on the RCPC board both in an appointed and elected capacity. Serving on the RCPC board has been a great experience, working to preserve the fabric of our community and bring the issues necessary to the enhancement and preservation of our community to our neighbors. If re-elected, I would work to continue my efforts with the RCPC board to best serve our community. Thank you.

Bill Kaufner, Taft Avenue

I would like to continue the work I am involved with on the Rockridge Community Planning Council in the areas of Rockridge schools and land use issues. The council helped work through the Safeway designs, and the Caltrans 4th Bore mitigations, and has worked to bring exciting projects to fruition including the BART plaza, and a DVD project for the Rockridge Library. Should I be granted another term, I look forward to working for the gains from projects to come.

Lisa McNally, 62nd Street

I've lived in Rockridge for nearly three years after having lived in Piedmont for four years. I live on 62nd Street in a rare rental unit on a street of predominantly single-family homes. Civic engagement is important to me, and being a part of an historic and dynamic neighborhood planning group such as RCPC allows me to stay informed while actively contributing to my community. I believe that space informs a sense of place, with our environment affecting how we interact with others and shaping our personal development.

Greg Pasquali, Lawton Avenue

I am running for the RCPC board because I am excited to help make this great neighborhood even better. Since my wife and I moved to Rockridge a year ago, we've been really happy with the strong sense of community, great events, and beautiful neighborhood.

I've worked for progressive urban planning and development organizations in Oakland that focus on making cities and neighborhoods more livable and sustainable by building buildings that positively impact their neighborhoods, making public spaces safer and more beautiful, and giving people new transportation options.

RCPC Board Election Procedures

At the RCPC Town Hall meeting Thursday, April 18, five candidates - three elected incumbents and two recent appointees to previously vacated seats - will introduce themselves and describe their interest in RCPC Board service

There will then be two opportunities to vote for the candidates of your choice. Balloting will be held at the meeting on Thursday, April 18, and on Saturday, April 20, in the entryway or lobby of the Rockridge library, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.   Voter Eligibility: Persons age 18 and over who live within RCPC boundaries are eligible to vote. Verification will be by driver's license or DMV ID card showing an address within RCPC boundaries.