At RCPC's October Board Meeting

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The RCPC board of directors presents the following list of items discussed at its most recent meeting, to increase community awareness of issues considered and acted upon.

At its October meeting, the RCPC board covered the following topics:

  • Interviewed candidates to fill an open board seat. Appointed Brendan Havenar-Daughton to the position.
  • Scenic Streets update by group organizer Peter Lund (
  • Finalized plans for October events (RCPC's booth for Out and About and the Halloween Parade collaboration with RDA (Rockridge District Association)).
  • Reviewed action items for annual board planning retreat.
  • Reviewed progress and next steps related to "Rockridge Vision Conversation."
  • Discussed material planned for the November Rockridge News.
  • Reviewed plans for October and November Town Halls.
  • Reviewed the Nautilus development proposal at 51st and Telegraph as presented at the most recent Land Use Committee meeting.
  • Reviewed the status of construction at the College Avenue Safeway, including placements of light posts on Claremont and plans for trees (still expected to be sycamore on College and an oak at the corner of College and Claremont). [See Land Use Committee report for more on this topic.]
  • Reviewed results of conversations regarding changes in access to the Dreyer's parking lot. The company will allow the College Avenue Presbyterian Church to continue using the lot; the lot will be available to the public during retail hours; and people will continue to be able to walk through the lot.
  • Discussed AC Transit's plans to move some College Avenue bus stops. The board was opposed to any changes to the current location of the stops unless more information becomes available showing that such changes would significantly improve public transit service to Rockridge residents without also impacting services on College in a way that would likely be considered a net negative.
  • Noted that College Avenue under the Hwy 24 overpass and BART pedestrian walkway is scheduled to be repaved "within a year" according to the city's Public Works Agency. [Ed. Note: Shortly before press time, an agency representative reported the deteriorating asphalt would be replaced soon - weather permitting - with compacted crushed aggregate base and asphalt pavement, removing most of the potholes and ruts in the existing pavement. The finish, or top, coat will be applied at a later date in the contract period.]