Rockridge Branch Library: Thank You, Library Friends, for Support

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We'd like to thank the Friends of the Rockridge Library for the special programs and resources for children they've funded this past year. The projects have been much appreciated by our patrons and have enhanced the experience of every visitor to the library. Many members of the community have contributed to FORL, so this thank-you goes to you all.

This spring, we conducted three parenting workshops on topics of interest to families with the very youngest children; Sleep Issues, Yoga with Baby, and Infant Massage. During the last session, we got a great idea for next year: Massage for Moms - where kids ages 3 to 13 learn some great hands-on techniques for helping their moms relax. The final workshop in this series was Language and Brain Development in Children.

May was Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, the perfect time to share our Kamishibai stories. On the first Tuesday night of May, families came for an extended story time, followed by Japanese candy - the traditional end of a visit by the Kamishibai story teller. All through the month, Erica performed Kamishibai stories for class visits (using the beautiful wooden box-stage purchased by FORL) and talked to students about this special story format that interconnects the histories of children's books, Japanese street theater, and manga and anime.

FORL has instrumentally supported our summer reading program for more than a decade, by funding our intern, a library trainee just finishing 11th grade who works at the Rockridge Library in June, July, and August. The intern makes sure the summer reading program runs smoothly by supervising volunteers, keeping track of prizes, and, effectively, doubling our ability to help young patrons.

FORL once again has made it possible for the Rockridge Library to host extra summer performances - above and beyond what the library general fund provides - to joyful and enthusiastic crowds. When you came to a show this summer - many held on Tuesday nights - know that FORL funds supported the program series.

In addition, FORL provides small gifts for our Junior Volunteers. These are neighbors ages 11 to 17 who help out with the summer reading program. Over 1,000 kids sign up for the program every summer, and we need help to register everyone, explain how to participate, and distribute prizes. The Junior Volunteers are a crack team of experts who spend between 10 and 40 hours of their summer vacation helping out at the library. Things run more smoothly because these junior volunteers help sort books and DVDs to get them back on the shelves during our busiest season. We know that everyone in the community wants them to feel appreciated for their hard work, sharp skills, and enthusiasm.

This fall, FORL will be funding a series of craft workshops for kids ages 5 to 12.

When you came to the library this summer for one of our special events, to get prizes for reading, or just to check out whatever you like, I hope you got a quick peek at the farm diorama in the Children's Area, too. It's a favorite with preschoolers.

From all the patrons of our library; Thanks, Friends!