Wet, Wild, and Wonderful Creek-to-Bay Day

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Start with a creek in need of a little TLC, add a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers, throw in coffee from Alem's and cookies from Bakesale Betty, and top off with a most impressive downpour and what do you get? Creek to Bay Day 2013 in the Rockridge Temescal Greenbelt, that's what!

New friends and old arrived promptly at 9 a.m., bravely ignoring the weather report and ready to pitch in. Completed priority projects included trimming the lower branches on the Redondo lawn willow for easier passage underneath; pulling nutsedge, kikuyu grass, and other weeds out of the creekbed; picking up a couple of bags of litter; and in two locations, cutting back willow roots that have been blocking the creek channel.

Rain arrived promptly at 10 a.m.: lightly at first, and then came the deluge. Fortunately, the weather was warm enough for work to continue for the rest of the morning, while, with the loan of the FROG EZ-up tent, sign-in sheets, snacks, and gift tote bags stayed fairly dry.

Thanks to everyone who came, worked hard, got soaked, and made Creek to Bay Day at Temescal a rousing success. We appreciate Mayor Jean Quan stopping by to support us.
Thanks also to generous donors: Alem's Coffee, Bakesale Betty, Mail Max for printing services, and Eddie's Liquors for ice.

Special thanks are due to Luciano Cortes-Nicholas of Oakland Parks, Master Gardener and guardian spirit of the Rockridge Temescal Greenbelt. Without his help with preparation, and with collecting all the piles and bags generated on Saturday, "Creek to Bay the Temescal Way" would not have been possible