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Latest (4/18/18) Update on SB 827

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

With opposition to their bill appearing both wide and strong, Senators Scott Wiener (D-S.F.) and Nancy Skinner (D-Oakland/Berkeley) backpedaled significantly on their bill to mandate upzoning near transit stations and along transit corridors.  However, it was apparently not enough.  SB 827's first committee hearing, before the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, happened April 17th.  While the results of that hearing were not yet available on the Legislature's website, News

College Avenue Commerce: Decades of Service, Merchants' Years of Service: a Final Look

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Following is the last in our series on businesses in business on College Avenue at least 25 years. If you have been "on the Avenue" and didn't see your business' name, email We want readers of The Rockridge News to know about you.

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