Appointment Brings RCPC Board to Full Count

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Glendale Avenue resident Brendan Havenar-Daughton became the latest member of RCPC's board of directors when he was appointed in October to fill a recently vacated seat, bringing the board to its full complement of 14 members.

Born and raised in Rockridge, the new board member cut his teeth in community service delivering The Rockridge News to neighbors with his late father, dedicated community activist Patrick Daughton. Later, in college, he furthered his connection with the newsletter when he submitted articles seeking reader support for the Finca Project, an NGO (non-governmental organization) he founded, dedicated to small-scale reforestation and related community education in Costa Rica.

Now, with degrees in international affairs and natural resource management, Havenar-Daughton continues to address environmental challenges. He is the senior program manager for the East Bay Energy Watch, a partnership between Alameda and Contra Costa counties and PG&E, working to help residents, businesses and municipalities save energy and money, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. He has also worked with the city of Oakland on energy conservation programs.

In a personal statement about his interest in board service, Havenar-Daughton wrote, "I was born and raised in Rockridge and I am proud to call Oakland home. I attended Peralta Elementary, Claremont Middle School and Oakland Technical High School. Over the decades, I have seen College Avenue transform and I feel compelled and excited to contribute and ensure its continued sustainable development."

"What draws me to serve our community is my belief that community health is directly correlated with community engagement. Just as highly engaged and supportive parents can be instrumental in the success of a school, engaged and action-oriented community members are critical to sustaining a vibrant and healthy community."

Welcome, Brendan Havenar-Daughton.

~From material provided by the appointee.