BART Moves on Fix for Pre-Drought Damage to Parking Lot Planting

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reports of concern at the severe neglect and die-off of plants in BART's west parking lot area led The Rockridge News to contact District 1 BART boardmember Rebecca Saltzman for information about plans to save the plants. BART had fully landscaped the area following earthquake retrofit work at the station. Following is the content of a staff report made to her:

"This area was landscaped at the request of the community as part of the earthquake retrofit project at the station a few years ago. BART agreed to install the enhanced landscaping and the city of Oakland agreed to take over the maintenance of this area after an 18-month establishment period."

"Unfortunately, shortly after installation the water meter was turned off because of multiple leaks in the BART main water line that supplied the landscaped area's irrigation. As a result the plants did not survive the establishment period."

"Plan: BART will install a new 1" water meter that connects to the EBMUD water line on Forest Street and replace the landscaping. At present staff is working with the landscape architect to develop the palette for the replacement planting. All plants will be drought tolerant and low maintenance. Staff is working to coordinate the re-establishment period with the city of Oakland and to request a new water meter with EBMUD."

"Schedule: Estimated Completion September 2014: Staff is currently working on the redesign of the planting and irrigation, expected to be completed within two weeks [of mid-June]. Staff is coordinating with the city to determine establishment period and maintenance transfer."

"Staff needs to engage EBMUD to install a new water meter. (This process can take up to three months and is dependent upon EBMUD.)"

Director Saltzman was quick to respond to requests for information and to forward regular progress reports.