Caldecott Settlement Project Examined

Friday, April 6, 2012

City staff and consultants joined City Council member Jane Brunner in a public meeting to discuss the first six projects included in Oakland's settlement agreement with Caltrans over the Caldecott Improvement Project, or Fourth Bore.

The goal of the meeting, held March 26 at Kaiser Elementary School, was for participants to tell the city their thoughts on these designs, before the city moves forward to the final pre-construction stage.

The settlement was reached in 2008 after Oakland had objected to the impacts a fourth bore added to the Caldecott Tunnel would have on the North Oakland community. Of the six projects, four are in the North Hills area north of Highway 24 along Tunnel Road and Caldecott Lane, while two involve the upper section of Broadway east of Brookside Road in Rockridge. The two Rockridge projects would improve the pedestrian path and add bicycle lanes along Broadway.

After the city's presentation and discussion of plans for the six projects, the meeting was opened to audience comments and questions.

Most concerns centered on the North Hills projects, especially their impacts on bicyclists. RCPC expressed concern about the loss of on-street parking spaces in the section of Broadway between Brookside and Golden Gate, which could put additional pressure on parking spaces on the residential streets.

Fact sheets on the 6 projects are available for review on the Fourth Bore Coalition's web site via:

Council Member Brunner's office also announced it would host a meeting later in the spring to begin the public process for considering whether soundwalls are warranted for some portions of Highway 24 in Rockridge. Consideration of soundwalls was another element of the settlement.

More information will be provided in the May issue of the Rockridge News.