Caldecott Settlement Project List Posted: Soundwall Studies, Intersections, Bicycle Facilities, More, Proposed for Funding

Friday, May 6, 2011

The final list of projects to be funded through the city of Oakland's $8 million Settlement Agreement with Caltrans over the Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore EIR was released March 23. These projects are intended to ameliorate the impacts to the North Oakland Hills, Rockridge and Temescal districts of adding the fourth bore to the Caldecott Tunnel. According to the agreement, projects must "have as their primary purpose the improvement of pedestrian, bicycle, transit and local street improvements, noise barriers, including projects that support the use of transit (and the reduction of single-occupant motorized vehicles, such as transit signal coordination and amenities), to the greater community in the Highway 24 corridor between I-580 and the Caldecott Tunnel."

Public Input in Creating the List

The project list has been finalized through a series of three 3-hour-long walking tours of affected areas, considering over 250 public comments, and a public meeting held in November, 2010. More details on the intent and conceptual design of these projects are available at here. The project cost estimates include a budget for public involvement in project design decisions.

Next Steps

An agreement with the Alameda County Transportation Commission and Caltrans must be signed with the city regarding funding and the list of projects. While this process is underway, each project will be evaluated to determine if more design work is needed prior to further community meetings, or vice-versa. The city intends to begin by focusing on the first six projects on the list.

Once the design of those projects and pre-construction work is underway, the community will be asked to participate in the development of projects farther down the list. You will be directly notified of opportunities to participate in the design of these projects.

In addition, the Fourth Bore Coalition will continue to track this process at, as will the RCPC. All material in this report, and additional information,is available at