City Approves Redesigned College Ave Safeway Project

Jane Brunner Mediates Settlement: Neighbors, Corporation Agree on Modifications
Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in Store for Rockridge at the New Safeway?


The Rockridge pedestrian has won in several substantial ways with this negotiated project;
the walk street is now wider and in the right place, relative to 63rd Street, and the bulk of the
building is much reduced. These are subtle points that eluded our Planning Commission, but, through the hard work of a few volunteers, we have made a lasting impact that will be a
benefit to the community for years to come.—Jerome Buttrick, Architect and negotiating team member.

Architect’s drawing above shows the new Safeway store entrance, a stairway and elevator tower to rooftop parking and the store’s frontage in a street level view of College Avenue. View point is roughly from Red Hanger Cleaners.

The entry of the redesigned and enlarged pedestrian walkway and plaza at 63rd Street, extending through to Claremont Avenue. It replaces a proposed central driveway. The "Rockridge" sign in each view remains a point of concern for neighborhood negotiators and former Councilmember Jane Brunner, who pushed for the settlement.

The plaza features an arch, between elevator towers, over the main store entrance and
an exterior stair, foreground, from the roof to the plaza. Various seating arrangements
and bike parking will be featured in the plaza, along with space to mingle.

The stair and the plaza will enhance pedestrian life on the street. The walk street beyond
the plaza will extend to Claremont Avenue.

The Claremont side of the building will feature a green planted wall to break up the
long façade, new trees and a wider sidewalk. The scale is kept low due to uncovered
roof parking.