City Releases Soundwall Study Petitions

Residents have one year to gather signatures
Saturday, April 6, 2013

Following the process presented at the September and January RCPC Town Hall meetings and in articles in the December 2012 and January 2013 issues of The Rockridge News, the city of Oakland has released petitions that eligible property owners can use to indicate their support of further study of two potential soundwalls along eastbound and westbound SR-24 in Rockridge (see below for map).

If at least two-thirds of these property owners sign the petition by March 26, 2014, the studies will be funded through Oakland’s $8 million Caldecott Tunnel Settlement Agreement with Caltrans. If fewer than two-thirds sign, these funds will flow to pedestrian lighting and intersection improvement projects and other potential soundwall studies.

For more information, see www. or contact Oakland Caldecott outreach coordinator Victoria Eisen at or 510/525-0220.

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