City Releases Updated Caldecott Project List

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

As a result of recent project updates, the city has released a revised project list for the Caldecott Settlement Agreement included later in this article. The updates include:

  • Nearly complete construction plans for the first seven Caldecott agreement-funded projects
  • Elimination of two soundwall studies from the project list (see The Rockridge News, April 2014, page 1)
  • Commencement of plans for the next set of projects
  • Escalation of costs for all other projects to account for inflation from the time they were estimated in 2010.

The effect of these changes is that five more projects than reported in December 2013 are projected to be funded. As always, the actual projects that will be delivered with settlement agreement funds will not be known for certain until the city has obtained construction bids on the early projects.

For more information, contact the city's Caldecott projects consultant, Victoria Eisen, at or 510/525-0220.