Citywide Zoning Update

After a series of public meetings where zoning plans were presented, city staff now believes the city’s proposed zoning revisions are ready to begin the formal approval process. The first step will be a review by the Planning Commission’s Zoning Update Committee. The first hearing, which will cover North Oakland (including Rockridge) and the Oakland Hills, is scheduled for July 14 at 4 p.m. at Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 1 (1st floor). Two items that Rockridge residents may wish to comment on are:

1) The lack of any upper limit on project size in the new CN-1 zone proposed to replace College Avenue’s current C-31 zoning. (RCPC suggested putting a 50,000 sq. ft. cap on the size of projects in the CN-1 zone, but city planning staff rejected the suggestion);

2) Limitations on the expansion of commercial uses in residentially zoned areas. The new residential zoning allows commercial uses to continue at some limited sites (e.g., to allow existing convenience stores to continue as a fully legal use, as opposed to a legal nonconforming use). Some Rockridge residents expressed concern that this would allow continuation and expansion of commercial uses on the residentially zoned portion of Broadway in Rockridge.

Residents have also expressed a desire to place a maximum size limitation on the current provision allowing church and school uses in residential areas, subject to a minor conditional use permit.