College Ave. Safeway Project, College & Claremont Avenues

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Well, at long last, the electronic parking space monitor for the Safeway rooftop parking deck is working - sort-of. After an initial period when it showed more spaces available than the deck even held, followed by a period when the display constantly said Òfull,Ó it now appears the display is starting to be at least roughly accurate, so that, when the sign says "full," it may actually mean there are no spaces available. Also, the signs indicating that you should call the Alameda Police Department if your car was towed from one of the handicapped spaces have been taken down. It may be that they will soon list the OPD phone number as the right one to call.

We are also now at the stage where we ought to be able to evaluate the changes in traffic patterns that the new project has caused. Please let us know (e-mail: if you have noticed changes in the traffic patterns in the area. We know that during the first few months after the store opened, there were major back-ups on eastbound Alcatraz Avenue below College in the evening commute hours. If that has led to more cut-through traffic on any of the local residential side streets, we'd like to know. It may be possible to get speed bumps, stop signs, or traffic circles installed to try to persuade drivers to stay on the main streets, but first we need to know if there are problems.