NCPC to Host "Safer Rockridge" Founders at April Meeting

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crime in Rockridge was pretty bad last fall; everyone was worried. A few concerned citizens organized crowd-funding projects to pay for security patrols in most of Beat 12. The Greater Rockridge NCPC (Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council) watched with interest but didn't participate.

The temporary contracts expired, yet many who bought them still wanted security coverage.

The NCPC has invited representatives of Safer Rockridge, the nonprofit now managing the private security contract, to speak at our April 10 meeting. We've asked them to explain:

  • The transition from the previous household-focused model to the current neighborhood-focused model with the new nonprofit, Safer Rockridge
  • How the system works for new people  who want to sign up, and what happens when a subscriber decides to drop out
  • How the patrols function
  • How the patrols interact with OPD.

A representative from Premiere Protective Services (PPS), has been invited to attend and respond to questions.

Subscriber or not, this is your chance to learn the background and future of the patrols, and to ask questions.

We'll see you Thursday, April 10, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Rockridge Library Community Room, College at Manila.