Public Safety Information You Want

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Over 100 people responded to a recent RCPC survey to help identify public safety-related issues Rockridge residents want to learn about and discuss as a community.

Also involved are the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC); Rockridge District Association (RDA); Councilman Dan Kalb's office; College Avenue Presbyterian Church; Anthony Toribio (OPD); and Patricia Rose, OPD Neighborhood Services.

What are we hearing? Most people's priority is personal safety - including family, neighbors and home and property. Other leading issues are:
1.    Oakland city budget and crime
2.    Private security patrols
3.    Neighborhood Watch
4.    Using street design to reduce crime

Other issues identified as areas of interest can be addressed in 2014:
•    The relationship between the likelihood of prosecution and crime rates
•    The perspective and experience of OPD
•    Who is committing the crimes?
•    Actions Rockridge residents can take that improve options for at-risk kids
•    Measure Y renewal

What's next? Our goal is to provide Rockridge residents with useable information. This may simply mean more proactive circulation of existing material, or public forums to explore and discuss an issue together.

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