RCPC Town Hall Feb. 20: The Cost of Public Safety in Oakland (and how you can influence policies and funding)

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Thurs, February 20, 7 p.m. for light snacks; program starts at 7:30 p.m.
Join your neighbors and friends for a comprehensive look at crime reduction policies the city deploys, how well they are working, what they cost, and what the city can  afford. The purpose of the program is to offer Rockridge residents options when  deciding which policies and budget priorities to support or to consider changing as  one key part of strengthening an overall crime-reduction plan.

Rockridge Branch Library Panelists:

  • Donna Hom, Budget Director, City of Oakland 
  • Paul Figueroa, Interim Assistant Chief of Police, Oakland Police Department
  • Sara Bedford, Director, Department of Public Services, City of Oakland
  • Councilmember Dan Kalb, District 1, City of Oakland (Co-Host)  
  • Nicolas Heidorn, Board member, Make Oakland Better Now
  • Moderator: Richard Raya, recent past Executive Director, Youth Radio

Co-Hosted by Councilmember Dan Kalb

Panelists will explain the impact of the budget on the city's crime-related programs and policies, including how they are identified, implemented, and evaluated. The conversation will help demystify budget constraints in policy decisions and implementation, provide informed expectations of what the City can deliver, and describe how to pursue change.