Remembering Kathy Walsh

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kathy Walsh, ninth chair of RCPC, 1991-93, passed away December 10, 2013. Below, she is remembered by RCPC members who worked with her in the organization helping to create Rockridge as we know it today.

Although Kathy Walsh and I were both products of Chabot, Claremont and Tech, she was a year younger than I (and you know there was not a lot of mingling between students of different ages at that time) so we hadn't known each other well. But we were both members of RCPC and lovers of libraries and when "our" library* had its rent raised from $500 per month to $5,000, it was time to go to work.

Thus began the Dutcher/Walsh crusade to get our new Rockridge Branch Library. Over the 10-year life of the campaign, many people gave many hours to the project. At one point, a garage sale to cover expenses was held, with Kathy storing most of the contributions in her garage.

She stayed on the library crusade with a group through all phases until the final colors were chosen, the carpet was laid, and the furniture was in place.

Kathy became chair of RCPC and we continued to be friends, sharing walks with our dogs and chats over tea.

She led the organization well, and was a joy to know and work with. I miss her.
- Nancy Dutcher, Chair, RCPC Library Committee

* The library was then located in the building at the northwest corner of College and Miles in the space now housing Bica Coffee House, Oriental Nails II and Cool Tops – Editor

Kathy Walsh was a hard-working, effective, articulate, and, at times, tough chair of RCPC. She was a good organizer. She worked on many significant projects, including the Dreyer's expansion, the proposal to add a second layer of parking to the Rockridge BART station, and the Medical Insurance Exchange of California's (MIEC) expansion proposal for its office building on Claremont Avenue.

She was also interesting to talk with, and I will always remember her wonderful laugh.
- Mary E. MacDonald, Chair, RCPC, 1993-96

Dear RCPC: We are writing with the sad news that our mother, Kathy Walsh, died Tuesday, December 10. She had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for several years. She had lived in Tualatin, Oregon, since 2007.

It was gratifying to see the schedule of events for the Rockridge Branch Library in a recent issue of The Rockridge News. Our mother was a significant player in making the new library happen in the mid-1990s. We thought you should know that in her obituary, published in the Oakland Tribune and the Oregonian, we requested that anyone interested in making a charitable donation in her name do so by making a gift to the RCPC. It was such a meaningful part of our mother's life.

- Mark Walsh and Pat Walsh, Kathy's sons