Report Your Potholes for City’s ‘Pothole Blitz’

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shortly after Susan Shawl's informal pothole survey was published in the March issue of The Rockridge News, many of the pavement failures she documented were filled and paved, including the one on Claremont Avenue that measured a whopping 3 feet by 4 feet by 3 inches deep.

Coincidence? Possibly.

To be fair, an announcement from Oakland's Public Works Department states that changes in the weather bring an opportunity for longer-lasting pothole filling: "When the rains stop, Public Works crews try to catch up on potholes. For effective patching and repairs, the more permanent materials need warmer weather."

In fact, it turns out that every year in late April, "the city does a 'Pothole Blitz,' filling thousands of potholes and repaving some of the worst sections," according to the announcement.

The city repair crews even build their repair list from information provided by citizens as alarmed as Susan Shawl was, asking residents "to provide the locations of some of the worst potholes."

As the Mayor noted in her statement at the end of the article, the pothole blitz runs from April 29 until June 6. If you have a favorite – or particularly egregious – pothole, the city wants to know about it; or them, if you're aware of more than one....

Reporting Potholes

Note the location of your pothole, then use one of the following three ways to report it to the city: Call the Public Works Department at 615-5566; e-mail the department at pwacallcenter@oaklandnet. com, or (perhaps the easiest), use the SeeClickFix app on your smartphone. You can include photos of the locations needing repair. To get SeeClickFix, visit the website at Apps for iPhones, Android and Windows phones are available for download from the site.

Anecdotal reports indicate that multiple reports of the same problem highlight the areas of greatest concern which may then draw prompter attention from authorities.

From Mayor Jean Quan's Facebook Page:

On your way to the various weekend events around Oakland, be sure to look out for and report potholes. Every year in late April, the city does a "Pothole Blitz" where we often rely on residents to provide the locations of some of the worst potholes. The blitz started April 29 and goes until June 6. Find more information here: groups/cityadministrator/documents/ memorandum/oak040370.pdf.