Ride for a Reason: Oakland Schools

Monday, March 9, 2015

Somehow, it happened. We became accustomed to teacher wish lists, peeling paint, extra fees for sports and music, too few (if any) counselors, and the highest student-to-teacher ratios in the nation. Budget surpluses have made things better. Proposition 30, Governor Brown's Local Control Funding Formula directs greater resources to the neediest students.

However, California still funds its schools much below the national average, and continues to have the largest class sizes in the nation.

According to the Legislative Analyst's Office, Proposition 30 would need to provide three times as much revenue as projected, just to boost California's per student funding up to the 2011 national average: and California arguably needs more funding per student because it has the highest number of English language learners and students living in poverty.

Nothing is more important to our future than ensuring that all our children receive a good education. As Scoop Nisker likes to say: "If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own." That's just what we plan to do!

Join us for the 7th annual Ride for a Reason on Saturday, May 16, a bike ride from Oakland to Sacramento to draw attention to the ongoing K-12 education funding crisis, and also to raise funds for school enrichment programs. Last year, 260 riders pedaled to Sacramento and raised $106,000 which was shared by six local public schools.

This year, we have two rides to choose from: 45 and 109 miles. We provide all the support you will need to go the distance on May 16. We encourage all riders to raise $250 or more in pledges, but the only real requirement is to ride.
Get more detailed information and register now to volunteer or donate at http://rideforareason.dojiggy.com.