Rockridge Votes in Board, OK Bylaw Change: New Vacancy Announced

Friday, May 9, 2014

RCPC's annual election for positions on its board of directors, held during the April 2014 Annual Meeting/Town Hall, saw 46 residents cast their ballots for four incumbents and two new candidates running for six uncontested board seats. Voters also approved two proposed bylaw amendments on the ballot.

Elected to full two-year terms were incumbents Christopher Chin, Virginia Hamilton, Laura Schlichtmann, and Zabrae Valentine. New candidates Gabe Kleinman and Samantha Weaver were also elected to two-year terms.

After the election, Chin found that unexpected demands of his employment would leave him insufficient time for active board service, and he resigned. The board now has a vacancy that will be filled at a later date by appointment of the board.

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