Soundwall Study Supporters Appeal City Decision

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Rockridge Ad-hoc Sound Wall Committee, which collected and submitted more than 300 signatures favoring sound wall studies, has appealed the rejection of the petitions by the city's Transportation Services Division. Among other concerns, the appeal points out that the petition process was not like those for permit parking or speed humps. Both of those require signatures of residents, not property owners. (More than 70 percent of resident owners signed the petition supporting the studies; getting signatures from absentee landlords was much harder!) The committee awaits the decision of Brooke Levin, Interim Public Works Director, on the appeal.

Many Rockridge residents complained that they never received the letter from the city, certain addresses were excluded from the petition for no apparent reason, and the petition even included addresses that don't exist. They believe city staff took responsibility for the petition process, setting the rules and requirements, but then was unresponsive to complaints about the process.

Appeal letter

City's response to appeal letter