Tunnel Mitigation Money to Fund Many Rockridge Projects: Please Attend Nov. 8 meeting or Comment! (Oakland settlement)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rockridge residents are invited to a Nov. 8 public meeting to discuss a proposed list of transportation projects along Highway 24 west of Caltrans’ Caldecott Tunnel Project.

Plan to attend this important meeting Monday, November 8 at 7 p.m. Kaiser Elementary School, 25 South Hill Court (Hiller Highlands Neighborhood). For carpool information from Rockridge BART, email info@rockridge.org .

The city of Oakland received an $8 million settlement when it negotiated with Caltrans on the construction of the tunnel’s 4th bore. The projects serve to mitigate the impacts of the new bore and to enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the area that includes the Rockridge and Temescal districts.

The goal of the meeting is for residents and merchants in the North Oakland Hills, Rockridge and Temescal neighborhoods to learn about the list of proposed projects and for the City to hear meeting participants’ perspectives on these projects. This input will be used to generate a final project list. Meeting participants will be introduced to the process that led to this list of projects and will hear a presentation on the projects themselves.

To help prepare participants, the City’s draft project list and links to project fact sheets and location maps are available at www.fourthbore.org and here. The project engineering diagrams should be considered conceptual and are intended to convey an idea of the project; prior to City implementing a project with multiple options, additional public process will take place.

Many worthwhile Rockridge projects will potentially be funded within the $8 million settlement. They include: •  Broadway Bike lanes, Brookside Ave. to Caldecott Sports Field; $410,000 •  Broadway Walking path from Golden Gate Ave. to Lake Temescal; $275,000 •  Soundwall study: Eastbound between Vicente Rd and Broadway; $554,000 •  Soundwall study: Westbound between Ross Street and Ayala Ave.; $487,000 •  Broadway/Keith Intersection Improvements; $840,000 •  College/Keith Intersection Improvements; $95,000 •  Bike Route Signage at Rockridge BART; $20,000 •  Broadway/Lawton Intersection Improvements; $400,000 •  Broadway/SR 24 On-ramp Intersection Improvements; $295,000 •  Rockridge BART Bicycle Parking; $100,000 •  On-street Bicycle Parking in Commercial Areas; $30,000 •  Telegraph/Claremont/52nd Intersection Improvements; $240,000

Worthy projects not currently funded: •  Soundwall studies: additional Rockridge locations with lower ACTC effectiveness criteria •  College/Claremont Intersection Improvements; $225,000 •  Broadway/Manila Intersection Improvements; $257,000 •  Claremont/Hudson/SR 24 On-ramp Intersection Improvements; $180,000 •  AC Transit Route 51 Service Improvement; $920,000

The public comment period extends until November 22. Submit comments to Iris Starr via e-mail: istarr@oaklandnet.com, phone: 510/238-1725; fax: 238-7415. Letters may be mailed to: Iris Starr, Division Manager, Infrastructure Plans and Programming, City of Oakland Public Works Agency, 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344, Oakland, CA 94612.

So the City knows what neighborhood you live in, please provide either your address or nearby intersection in your comments.