Update: 'Safer Rockridge' Advances

Saturday, April 5, 2014

As previously announced, Safer Rockridge, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation created to promote the public safety of the residents of Rockridge, has retained Premiere Protective Services (PPS) to provide unarmed safety patrols to the Lower Rockridge area. Patrols began in March using funds left over from the four-month pilot.

The first two weeks of patrol by officer Troy Matthews of PPS have been uneventful. PPS will be meeting regularly with Captain Toribio of OPD as part of Captain Toribio's efforts to coordinate and communicate with private security patrols in Area 2.

Safer Rockridge has now raised a total of $10,778 from 301 contributors, with 70 percent of this recurring monthly. That will enable us to increase coverage in April to two patrol officers at least 6 days a week, 6 hours a day. This is a great start, but to get to our goal of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, we will need $19,000 in recurring monthly contributions.

Please help meet the goal by contributing today at SaferRockridge.org. While $30 per month is the suggested contribution level (just click on the "recurring" box), one-time and recurring contributions of any amount are welcome. You can cancel your recurring payment at any time.

Patrol services are available to all persons in the patrol area, and anyone may contribute. The more funds we raise, the more patrol hours we can secure. Please spread the word by talking with your neighbors about the patrols and the fundraising effort.

More information about Safer Rockridge and the patrols, including flyers for outreach, can be found on our website at www.SaferRockridge.org. To get email updates, join our mailing list at SaferRockridge.org/mailing.

Questions or concerns? Email the organizers at saferrockridge@gmail.com.