About Rockridge

“Cities are dynamic places, and this is strikingly true of their successful parts, which offer a fertile ground for the plans of thousands of people.”

This quote by Jane Jacobs, author of "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", describes the commuter friendly north Oakland enclave called Rockridge.

The name Rockridge is derived from a 1911 land tract whose columns still dominate its entrance on Broadway at Rockridge Boulevard. By the 1920’s, the main street, College Avenue, had its own women’s and men’s clubs, a firehouse, a bank, a theater, a doctor’s office and pharmacy, a middle school and a branch library.

Today Rockridge is a charming Oakland neighborhood, with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) at its center, and a vibrant shopping and dining area along College Avenue.

The neighborhood of Rockridge generally is bounded by 51st Street, Highway 13, the Berkeley border and Telegraph Avenue.

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The Rockridge Community Planning Council represents a described area within Rockridge and has prepared a map showing the organization’s boundaries.